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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1 daemons will not start unless pidfile exists jobs defect apokalyptik new 02/28/2009
#29 Photon doesn't Losslessly compress photon defect barry new 12/27/2012
#41 Ensure that zoom is disabled when crop is used photon defect new 07/05/2013
#46 Soundcloud shortcode broken browsehappy defect new 11/04/2013
#50 created_term action hook only passes 1 parameter (should be 3) browsehappy defect new 11/18/2013
#51 Message when deleting Custom post type browsehappy defect new 11/25/2013
#52 3.8 RC1 Available Widgets tab no longer collapsible browsehappy defect new 12/08/2013
#21 Auto-rotate images photon enhancement barry new 10/19/2012
#22 Use lower image quality when serving images to mobile UAs for smaller image size and increased performance photon enhancement barry new 10/19/2012
#24 Support images behing HTTP Auth photon enhancement barry new 10/19/2012
#25 Better error messages photon enhancement barry new 10/19/2012
#27 Resize without Upscale photon enhancement barry new 11/13/2012
#53 Admin bar does not show number of comments in moderation when viewed on iPad browsehappy defect new 12/15/2013
#31 Improve handling of 0 dimensions in fit and resize photon enhancement barry new 02/04/2013
#68 Jpegoptim quality does not work photon defect new 01/10/2017
#60 Photon transformations are not EXIF orientation-aware photon defect new 04/24/2015
#63 Build fails against nginx >= 1.11.2 nginx_auth_mysql defect new 08/19/2016
#69 photon not working with blogspot image photon defect carbone13 new 03/04/2017
#72 Photon: APNGs not animating photon defect new 06/23/2017
#77 Photon: Percentage values are parsed as integers photon defect darthhexx new 12/14/2017
#65 Readme File photon enhancement new 11/18/2016
#67 Photon Improvements photon enhancement new 12/22/2016
#71 Photon not handling German umlaut in domain name. photon defect new 04/07/2017
#76 fgets() does not confirm that its argument is a file pointer jobs defect new 07/14/2017
#78 Provide more info for Photon broken links photon enhancement new 02/21/2018
#66 Add if function_exists around fetch_raw_data in index.php photon enhancement new 11/24/2016
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